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These days, I am free in all aspects of life; emotion, body hair, my thoughts, my powers… I shave if I feel like it.

NAME: Alexa-Milena Piqué

AGE: 26


So far, what has been your biggest struggle as a woman?

Throughout my younger years, my sensitivity and ability to feel was most times perceived by others as a weakness of the feminine. I regularly questioned the reasoning behind my emotion. I was always hyper-sensitive, and constantly in touch with how experiences made me feel. As a young woman, I felt weak, frail, and I remember feeling helpless at times, wondering why my heart took full control over my head.

What have you learned from this?

I’m currently on a Self-love journey, one that will never end, and for some, never begins. After a lot of work, experiences, heart breaks, and growth, I am learning to love myself. Outside, and inside. I have learned that my awareness and conscious way of life could not exist without my ability to feel, without my intuitive power, without my emotion, without what feels most true to me.


What is your relationship with your body and more specifically with your body hair?

On a physical level, body hair has always been present in my life. I have it. It’s visible. You can see it, I can see it. Growing up, I was teased about my underarm hair and my leg hair– this was the catalyst that motivated me to shave it when I was only 13… I think back and cannot believe this! Tying back into my emotion, I felt weak because I was a girl who had body hair. I felt as though I should remove a part of myself to please an outward influence… These days, I am free in all aspects of life; emotion, body hair, my thoughts, my powers… I shave if I feel like it. But ironically enough, I feel sexiest when I have some hair under my arms and on my vagina. Perhaps it’s a subconscious “fuck you” to the guy who laughed at me all of those years ago!

What is your definition of femininity?

Femininity is power. The power to feel, the power to create life, the power to know things beyond our physical reality.




Which women inspire the most?

I am inspired at every second of every day by all kinds of different women. Women I find on Instagram, women who find me, my sister @dorideer (who is actually my boss), my Mother, you, all women.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I have taken time for myself. This could be meditating, painting, dancing, getting high, masturbating, connecting with someone… Receiving light from things beyond touch is so important to me. I need to feel something everyday, and this is how I thank myself. On a more physical level, a day at the beach, some yoga, buying fresh fruits and vegetables, a fresh shower, and making dinner (in that order) always does the trick!

Why did you want to be involved in this project?

As a way to empower other women to feel more open and secure with their bodies and their minds. It was a therapeutic way to reconnect with myself through the eyes of other women as well.

How was the experience?

I connected with two incredible women with an open and important message to bring to women everywhere. It was fun, eye-opening, and very necessary.

Thank you!


Project created by Sara Hini & Cassandra Cacheiro

Photography: Cassandra Cacheiro

Creative Direction: Sara Hini

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