womanhood — noun

  • the state or condition of being a woman.
  • women considered collectively.

Through a series of interviews and portraits this project explores different aspects and complex issues related to womanhood with a more intimate view.

All kinds of women open on their realities and talk about topics like gender, motherhood, abuse, mental health, abortion, rape,  menstruation, body hair and much more. Each of them are photographed in their own environment depicting who they really are in the most personal and natural way possible.

These women are on a journey of self-discovery. We aim to give them a safe space to share their own reflection on the deep and beautiful subject that is womanhood. This award-winning project,  exclusively shot on film,  also stems from the need to break from the constant flow of pictures only suggesting the desirability and the objectification of the ‘perfect’ women.


Cassandra Cacheiro (Photography) &  Sara Hini (Artistic Direction)

‘’ Born in Algeria, but moved to Montreal at a young age, Sara always felt like the odd one out. With her darker skin and frizzy hair, she stood out from the rest of the girls at school, which is something Cassandra could relate to, having been bullied about her weight since she was just a kid. But after a chance meeting at a party, the pair decided to tackle these problems head on, which is why they set up The Womanhood Project, an online platform that invites a diverse cast of women to share their personal stories to women around the world.’’  (Tish Weinstock –  i-D Vice)

Sara Hini is also the co-founder, editor and creative director of the online magazine AYE. After her first year in university, she decided to buy a camera and learn photography by herself while travelling. She lived in Indonesia and Guatemala while treeplanting in the British Columbia’s wilderness to pay for her travels. After 3 years on the road, she decided to come back in Montreal, with a strong desire to realize the ideas she had in mind. Sara is also the co-creator of She Haze, a series of portraits exploring the intersection of womxn and weed in collaboration with Allume. As a freelancer, she was also a collaborator for Vice Media, where she interviewed emerging Montreal artists. She is currently studying photography full time while working on other projects.

Cassandra Cacheiro started shooting women a few years ago and was naturally drawn to nudity. For her, it’s a way to explore a deeper level of vulnerability with her subjects. She slowly started to make her mark in Montreal’s scene and was a breath of fresh air on social media with her untouched and raw pictures. She is now exploring and diving even further into her artistic endeavors.

They also love to hang out together, eat tacos and listen to Princess Nokia.

Credit: Lawrence Fafard